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BeeClean specializes in organic and anti-allergic cleaning in homes with pets and children. We use special products that best neutralize allergens within the home.

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About us

My name is Boris, and I have been working in the cleaning industry for over 5 years. When I worked for one company, at one moment, I realized that I am professional enough in this field. So I decided to separate and start my own small local family-owned business.

I and my wife Valery have a dog and a small child in the house. It was another reason why I realized that it is the best business for work and my own growth. Who else but us, know better than others what level of cleaning is necessary for the same kids- and pets-friendly families.

So it is my short story of giving birth to a new company in the cleaning industry – BeeClean. Support a small business and become our new client! You will not regret it!

eco-friendly and anti-allergic cleaning

BeeClean provides its customers with both eco-friendly and anti-allergic cleaning.

There are some common allergens found indoors at homes such as dirt, dust mites, mold, and pollen. But if you have a cat or dog at home, it can also trigger allergies and asthma.

Our company understands how it is important to have a clean house, where your child can live and grow safely. And sometimes it is too difficult for a woman to do household chores on her own because she also needs to bring up her small kid.

That is why we offer you a new solution – high-quality cleaning, after which you and your child can breathe easily. It is applied to carpeting, mattresses and upholstery. Our organic eco-friendly cleaning services reduce allergens, dust mites and airborne bacteria by more than 95%.



BeeClean has certain certificates that prove the reliability and experience of our company. 


There is no truly “hypoallergenic” cat or dog. Therefore, if you have a pet in your home, there is no guarantee that you or your child will not get an allergy. To protect yourself from this, request cleaning from BeeClean and be healthy

We use an organic solvent such as a non-toxic hydrocarbon solvent, rather than the dangerous and harmful perchloroethylene.
Kids- & Pets-friendly

BeeClean is a family-friendly cleaning company. We also live with a child and pet, so we completely understand all your needs and challenges. By the way, we also try to treat our clients in a boutique-style or in other words, to speak with you as you are our friend, not just customer.

Licensed & Insured

Our company has all the licenses and insurances that signify our competence, accordance with requirements and expertise in the cleaning field.


years of experience

Best Professional Cleaning Services for Your Home!

Sofa & Carpet Cleaning

Our main service

At BeeClean, we have a highly detailed and effective cleaning process that produces amazing results. As professionals, we clean any type of material (fabric or leather) on any sofa or carpet.

We are a company that cares about the health of our customers. That is why it’s important to us to not only provide a top-notch cleaning service but use only products that keep your home safe for you, your children and your pets.

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This is how our process of cleaning looks like:


Before we start working on any sofa or carpet, we ensure that large pieces of debris and hair are removed using a professional-grade vacuum and specialized roller.


Among our packages, there are a pre-spray (mild soapy solution to initially wet the item and begin breaking down the dirt) and a stain remover (a more intense but non-toxic solution that is used for taking out deep dirt, odors, oils, urine, grease, and more).



After that, we agitate the fabric or leather with a carefully selected brush (different materials and stiffness) to break up dirt and oil particles for further dissolving into our cleaning solution.


Hot Water Extraction

In the end, we use a hot-water extractor that shoots clean, heated water into the fabric, while simultaneously sucking it up through a water-safe vacuum. In this way, it eliminates the dirty solution on the surface of the item while cleansing it with fresh water.


Inspection or Repeat

If the sofa or carpet is clean without any stains, dirt, or dust, it is great. But if not, we will inspect whether there are any spots that need extra attention. If we find such problems, our specialists will begin the process of cleaning again until the area looks brand new.


Steaming or Disinfecting

Finally, we steam the furniture to kill any possible bacteria or dust mites that may be living on the piece.



BeeClean has certain certificates that prove the reliability and experience of our company. 

Carpet and upholstery cleaning:

Photo of our services

3 cleaning techniques

Steam cleaning
Deep Shampoo cleaning
Deep shampoo cleaning with sanitize, protection and disinfection


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