Area Rugs Cleaning

Carpets are often subject to significant wear and tear. They lie where we most often walk, where children play, or where pets like to lie. They make our home cozy and protect the floors, but who will protect the carpets themselves? Regular area rug cleaning is essential to maintaining its functionality and appearance. Area rugs act as giant air filters in your home. They trap dirt and allergens, preventing them from entering the air you breathe. However, rugs can only perform this function if they are properly cared for and cleaned regularly. Although regular vacuuming is important, it is not enough. Professional carpet cleaning is key to maintaining its beauty and providing a healthy environment in your home. We have been hand professional rug cleaning in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas for over 5 years. We treat rugs as works of art, which is why each is treated and washed to the highest standards. BeeClean team offers a variety of rug cleaning service including:
  • Disinfection baths
  • Removing stains
  • Eliminating pet urine and odors
  • Removing smoke odor
  • Disinfection and protection against moths
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Water damage restoration
  • Installation of non-slip pads

Expert rug cleaning Brooklyn

We clean and repair different area rugs, including Oriental, Persian, Chinese and European. Try the same-day hand washing process. Our professionals are trained to rug professional cleaning, ensuring the colors and fibers are preserved, leaving it looking bright and fresh.

Unique professional area rug cleaning process

What do we do to keep your carpet sparkling clean and smelling good? Here are our actions:
  • We inspect the carpeting.
  • We use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, food debris and small particles.
  • We use hot carbonation for cleaning.
  • We process the fringe by hand.
  • We trim the pile.
  • We use special products to ensure that the carpet repels dirt in the future.
  • We dry the carpet
We use a unique cleaning agent that releases millions of tiny, effervescent bubbles. They lift dirt and stains to the surface of the carpet. We then deodorize the carpet to eliminate lingering odors, treat it to restore its pile, and dry it quickly to reduce the risk of fading and mildew. For those who value quality and care for their carpets, our team offers an impeccable home rug cleaning service that will satisfy even the most demanding clients. Contact us today to restore your carpets to their original beauty and freshness.