Headboard and bed frame cleaning service

Oil stains and other contaminants from your hands and head can ruin the appearance of your bed. We can clean them thoroughly, improving the hygiene and aesthetics of your bedroom.

No stain is too tough for us!

Whatever the spills or stains, don’t risk trying to clean them yourself. The wrong method or equipment can worsen the stain or cause discoloration of carpets and upholstery. Leave this task to the professional headboard cleaning service. It will cost you much less than buying a new carpet or rug to hide stains!

Our advanced equipment and experience allow us to handle any stain you can throw at us! So don’t berate someone who accidentally makes a mess – just call BeeClean and we’ll help!

Professional deep cleaning that exceeds all expectations

Our headboard cleaning service in Brooklyn is suitable for fabrics made from synthetic/blends (microfibers, man-made fibers, polyester) or wool fibers.

Do you want your upholstery to be clean, fresh and smelling good? Our upholstery cleaning service is always ready to help you!

Here’s how the process of cleaning goes:

  • Inspection and pre-cleaning. Our specialist will carefully inspect the upholstery and thoroughly vacuum it to remove dust and dirt.
  • Professional pre-spray. We use a powerful pre-treatment detergent that disinfects upholstery, removes stains, and kills germs, viruses and fungi that can cause disease.
  • Deep cleaning. Next, we use hot water to extract, penetrating deep into the fibers of the sofa. This method effectively loosens and removes dirt, dust and allergens, leaving the upholstery hygienically clean.
  • Freshness and renewal. At the final stage of bed frame cleaning service Brooklyn, we remove hot water along with dirt, returning your sofa to freshness and a renewed look.
Hot water extraction is the most effective way to deep clean a sofa, restoring its beauty and freshness. Create a cleaner, healthier living space! We can also treat stains that do not involve damage or discoloration and apply a protective coating that will keep your upholstery in pristine condition for up to 6 months.