Oriental rugs cleaning

An oriental rug is an important element of a cozy home, but over time, stains, and traces of dirt can appear on its surface. Oriental carpet cleaning will help restore an oriental carpet to its original attractiveness.

Why is cleaning an oriental rug important?

Even a weak vacuum cleaner can remove dust from the surface of the carpet. But getting rid of deep dirt and difficult stains will not be so easy. Regular carpet cleaning maintains the aesthetic appearance of carpets and increases their service life through the use of professional tools and equipment. This type of carpet cleaning allows you to:

  • Remove stubborn stains, dirt, and dust from even the thickest shag carpets.
  • Fight microorganisms and dust mites.
  • Remove unpleasant odors from urine and animal excretions.

Benefits of professional oriental rug washing

A vacuum cleaner helps to clean the carpet only partially, removing about a third dirt. Expensive oriental rugs with long natural fibers are especially difficult to clean. Each square meter of such carpet can accumulate up to a kilogram of dirt and debris. Obviously, even frequent use of a vacuum cleaner is only a temporary solution. Over time, carpets require deep cleaning, which will not only effectively remove stains but also preserve their condition and appearance. Therefore, oriental rug cleaning has many advantages:
  • Professional cleaning products effectively deal with any stains, even the most persistent ones.
  • Complete destruction of bacteria, fungi, and dust mites.
  • The cleaning company will deal with any carpet in a few hours while you go about your business.
  • Specialists will come to your home or office, which is especially convenient for large carpets.
  • Use only professional, hypoallergenic products that are safe for people and animals.

What stains do we remove?

We effectively remove 99% of stains and dirt from oriental carpets and other coverings. Our professional equipment allows us to remove:

  • Stains from wine, tea, coffee, cocoa, fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Grease stains.
  • Traces of vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  • Rust stains.
  • Traces of ink, felt-tip pens and oil paints.
  • Stains from cosmetics (lipstick, foundation, powder, etc.).

Oriental carpet cleaning process at home

Cleaning carpets at home takes place in several stages:
  • A professional vacuum cleaner collects all the dust from the surface of the carpet.
  • Manual removal of stubborn stains.
  • Application of a special chemical composition using a disk machine, which effectively cleans even old dirt.
  • The vacuum machine removes residual cleaning agents and dirt.
After cleaning is completed, the carpet will remain slightly damp, but after two hours it will be completely dry and ready for use.
NYC oriental rug cleaning is a convenient and effective way to keep your interior clean and fresh. You don’t need to think about transporting the carpet, and the results will be noticeable immediately. Entrust the care of your oriental carpets to professionals, and they will always delight you with their beauty and cleanliness.