Drapery cleaning

Breathe life into your windows. We offer a premium drapery cleaning service you can trust.
We make sure your curtains are spotlessly clean and fresh.
Enjoy the best curtain cleaning services for your home. Our professional team specializes in deep drapery dry cleaning and restoring the beauty of your draperies and drapes. Enhance your home’s ambience and restore its curb appeal with fresh, spotless drapery with BeeClean drapery cleaning services in the New York area.

Unique drapery dry cleaning

Dust and dirt constantly accumulate on the surfaces of curtains, and fatty deposits are added to them in the kitchen. Cleaning light, airy tulle or heavy curtains on your own is quite difficult. Our drapes cleaning company offers dry cleaning services for curtains, which eliminates the need to remove products and waste time on labor-intensive washing.

We use environmentally friendly and safe chemicals from Karcher and Chemspec. In addition, for drapery in a children’s room, we can use steam cleaning, which uses only water.

How does the cleaning process work?

At BeeClean, we put your convenience and safety first. Our drapery cleaning technology uses a gentle steam method that effectively removes dust and kills bacteria. We use only non-toxic chemicals to ensure safety for children and pets. Please let us know of any allergies or medical conditions so we can accommodate your individual needs. Our technicians have experience working with a variety of drapery types, including fabrics, materials, colors, and styles such as hemmed or parallel pleats. Our method prevents shrinkage, ensuring your draperies look like new.

Benefits of professional drapery cleaning

Self-washing often leads to damage to curtains, especially designer items. In 15-20% of cases, due to shrinkage, damage to fibers, formation of puffs and fading of the fabric, the curtains have to be thrown away.
If your curtains have lost their freshness or become stained, do not try to fix the problem yourself. Call curtain and drapery cleaning specialists who will dry-clean drapes and curtains right at home.
We will refresh and steam fabrics without removing them from the curtain rod. After our in home drapery cleaning, your curtains will look like new.
If you want to return freshness and cleanliness to your curtains, but do not have the necessary skills to care for different fabrics, entrust this task to professionals.