Hardwood floors and tiles cleaning

Spilled red wine, dirty paw prints and many spilled cups of coffee – your floors have seen it all. Even the most durable parquet flooring needs regular care and attention. Do-it-yourself cleaning often doesn’t produce the desired results: harsh chemicals can damage the natural beauty of the floor, and the wrong methods can leave it looking dull and lifeless. And let’s face it: who really wants to spend their weekend cleaning floors?

So why not leave behind the mop and bucket and let a professional hardwood floor cleaning service do the work for you? While you relax with a mimosa in your hands, we bring your floors to perfect condition. After our work, your floors will be so beautiful that you will want to walk on them barefoot.

How we clean floors

The first stage of hardwood floor cleaning services is inspection. Our wood floor cleaning experts will perform a thorough inspection to look for deep scratches and imperfections. They will also determine if you have acrylic flooring. Our cleaning process is not designed to remove deep scratches, gouges, discolorations, or stains on wood and is not suitable for unfinished wood floors.
The second stage is the removal of varnish and acrylic coating. If our technicians detect any polish or acrylic coating, they will carefully remove it using special wood floor polish removers.
The third step of tile cleaning service is deep cleaning. The next step is deep cleaning using a cleaning product. This product effectively removes dirt, debris, and stains from the surface and grain of wood, leaving floors sparkling clean and streak-free.
The final step is to apply our wood floor polish to enhance the beauty and texture of the wood. The polish also creates an additional protective layer on the surface, ensuring durability until the next cleaning.

Why choose BeeClean for cleaning your hardwood floors?

There are many home and retail hardwood floor cleaners on the market that may provide short-term results. However, they can also cause invisible damage and lead to the accumulation of dirt and plaque over time. Periodic professional hardwood floor cleaning is the best solution to protect and improve the condition of your floors.

By choosing BeeClean professional tile cleaning to care for your wood floors, you will receive the following benefits:
  • Effectively removes dirt, plaque, and allergens including pet dander.
  • Extending the life of your hardwood floors.
  • Deep cleaning that goes beyond regular washing.
  • A protective barrier that prevents future damage.
  • Beautiful and durable shine.
  • Minimal exposure to moisture, which prevents possible damage.
BeeClean hardwood floor cleaner company professionals provide superior cleaning methods, significantly extending the life of your floors. Find your local BeeClean and schedule your wood floor cleaning service today.