Fabric protection

Even the most thorough cleaning cannot completely eliminate the risk of accidental spills, which can cause serious damage to your furniture. With our couch fabric protection, you can rest easy and enjoy your home knowing that your furniture is well protected. Our technicians, highly trained in upholstery cleaning, will select the right products and methods for each type of fabric. They will apply a protective spray to new and recently cleaned carpets and upholstery, providing a strong barrier.

This treatment coats the fibers with a protective layer that reduces the penetration of dry dirt, makes cleaning and cleaning easier, and reduces wear and tear on the fabric. Our stain-blocking technology prevents food and drink stains by slowing the penetration of liquids so they can be easily removed before they penetrate deep into the fibers. Additionally, our fabric protection for sofas include invisible fluoropolymers that repel oily contaminants such as cooking grease and body and hair oils.

How does the best fabric protection work?

Stain prevention fabric treatment works similarly to how water rolls off duck feathers. We use high quality protective products that repel water and oil spills. New or recently cleaned fabric is treated with a product specifically tailored to your fabric. After drying, the fabric fibers absorb half as much liquid. This prevents contamination from spilled liquids. This gives you time to take a rag and blot up the liquid before it causes damage or leaves a permanent stain. Best fabric protection for furniture coating makes it easier to remove stains, extends the life of fabrics and makes them more efficient to clean than unprotected materials.

Trust the experts to care for your fabrics

BeeClean offers a complete solution of fabric protection Brooklyn to protect and care for the fabrics of your furniture. We offer our customers high quality protective equipment and exceptional service. We are your one-stop solution to improve the quality of fabric on your sofas and carpets and create a reliable barrier against stains and unpleasant odors.